Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hey, everybody!

Hello all! 
Welcome to Flame of Faith, the Crosby Family's new blog. This is where we'll post about our personal faith adventures and day-to-day life. 
Stay posted!
In XC (Jesus Christ),
(Great picture, huh? Jesus as the Good Shepherd.)


  1. Oooh, Cady, I'm SO impressed! =D Good for you! What a great idea! =D Okay, you're very much inspiring me to do this sooner than later. ;) It seemed overwhelming to me to do a family blog - but look at you! I love what you've done. Very informative, yet concise, I love the photos walking someone through Terrinda's processes, and the family photos you chose on the right.

    How about also including more things about your family, like books you've read or are reading that you'd recommend? I love that on other people's sites. =)

    Love, love you,
    Mrs. Shupe

  2. Thanks so much, Mrs. Shupe!
    I really enjoyed doing it and am glad you liked it so much. :)
    You should totally do one for your family-I have found it so much fun to update and stuff, even though it is a little work.
    Great ideas...thx so much!