Thursday, January 20, 2011

March for Life: Reviewing the Day

Ah, it's so nice to be posting again! On this post, I'd like to share with you what our day was like on Tuesday. We had a fantabulous time down in Olympia @ the March, but it was certainly a busy, busy day!  That would be why I didn't post immediately. :P  I made sure and took lots of pictures too.  There seemed to be a great turn-out...I hope many of you come next year! It's a great way to show your pro-life position.
I'm going to do this in the form of a timeline-it'll be easier and much more fun to read (and write, for that matter:).

5:00 AM: Mommy and I wake up. We did our regular morning routine, but made sure to really hurry up, as we needed to be out the door by 6:00! We agreed to pick up a good friend of ours, Julia Fogassy, and her son and grandson, and meet them halfway at Seattle. 
6:00 AM: Everybody is in the car and we are on our way to Seattle and then on to Olympia! It was pitch-dark at that point, so we listened to Praise 106.5 and I chatted with Benjamin. 
7:00-9:00 AM: Driving, driving, driving.  It's a good thing our van is sooooo comfortable and has so much leg room!  I (Benjamin too, I think) was doing some schoolwork, mainly reading, on the way down.
9:15 AM: Arrived at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Olympia to attend Mass with the Archbishop. That was exciting for all of us.  We purposely got there 45 minutes early so that we could actually get a seat!!
10:00-11:00 AM: We attended Mass.  That was such a cool Mass-there were probably 18priests there and Archbishop Sartain!  His homily was very interesting...he's a very learned man.  I got to recieve Communion from him, too (all of us did).
11:00 AM: We exited the church and began the lengthy walk to the Capital.  It was sort of raining, but not really.  It was actually pretty enjoyable walking down, although my legs got tired. :)
12:00 PM: We arrived at the Capital. Standing there, among hundreds of people showing their pro-life support is always so amazing. I walked around and took a couple of pictures while listening to the Senators/Representatives' talks about their pro-life stance. 
1:15 PM: We began to walk back. It really started drizzling then, so it wasn't as  fun, but it was OK.  At least it wasn't pouring down rain! At one point Terinda became tired of riding the stroller and started whining like a puppy, which is always heart-wrenching. Mommy put her on her shoulders, and Terinda decided that making Mommy's hair as flat as posible was the entertainment of the hour. ;)
2:30 PM: Began the long drive back home!
3:30-:6:00 PM: Seeing that we were hitting the afternoon-evening Seattle traffic, Mommy gave Daddy a call and let him know that he'd need to drive down to Marysville and switch cars, since I have speech club every Tuesday night.  We had dinner at McDonald's, switched vehicles and went to our separate destinations! Mommy and I had to drive back to Lynnwood, so that took us about a half an hour.
6:00-9:00 PM: I had a good speech club.  I didn't bring my speech stuff, so I did a speech that I thought I had memorized, but when you don't open a document for 6 weeks, your mind does funny things to you! :P
It was probably the worst speech I've ever given since I started speaking in public, but I actually got some really good feedback about how to cut it!  So club ended well.
9:00-10:00 PM: Driving back home...finally!
10:30 PM: Got to bed and went to sleep!!!!
                                                        Archbishop Peter Sartain at Mass
                     This is probably the wost picture of me ever, but... here it is. My smile's really weird.
                                                      This is a great picture of Terinda!
                                                      Sooooo many people were there.....
             That isn't even to close to all of them.  There were more pouring into the streets/sidewalks!
                         And here's how many pro-abortion there were.  Pretty pathetic numbers. All we can do is pray that they'll become pro-life too.
                                             Took this picture for you, Carly!!  Amen!!!
                                                            I love this sign, so true. :)
                                            I'd never seen this one before.  It's so touching.
                                     Sometimes the homemade ones are the best and the truest.
                                   Could you imagine a truck like this on your average highway?
 All of us!!!  (Terinda was not to happy at this point & Mary was trying to make herself seen. She leaned the wrong way.) 
Thanks for reading this....hope you enjoyed it and come next year!!!
In XC,

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  1. It was so nice to see you! Great photos! I am putting together a slideshow with March for Life photos taken by my husband and various other people. Would it be possible for you to email me the full-size photos of the Show the Truth truck and your family? Everyone who submits photos will be mentioned on the main webpage of the slideshow.