Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Titanic Heroes - Inspring True Stories

There were many heroes onboard the RMS Titanic, 100 years ago. These heroes showed fortitude in the face of danger and valor in attenmpting to save women and children on that fateful night.
I believe that heroism flowers in Titanic moments, but it's cultivated in the day-to-day practice of virtue. Our family calls these virtues: Titanic Heroism in 3G. The 3G's are GIVE what you have, GIVE more than you take, and GIVE it your all.
Our family is excited to announce the launching of our new website: www.TitanicHeroes.com Our mission is that, through the information provided on this website, people will be inspired to ask us to come to their school, business, event. etc., and give our hour-long presentation. We'll speak on the 3G principles, give two survivor accounts as "living history", display an inspiring slideshow, and show how you can apply the 3G's in your own life.
Please take a look at the website, tell us what you think, and help us spread the word!