Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terinda's Room

When I last posted (in July!), Terinda's therapy room was in the middle of a major revamping.  We were trying to turn our garage into a carpeted therapy room, complete with swings, balls, and chairs. We conducted a free-will donation garage sale with the benefits all going toward this therapy room. God blessed us richly with over $2,000 being collected!  With that money, we've been able to stock the garage with a whole bunch of great stuff-let me take you on a virtual tour. =)
To the left, you'll see the carpeted ramp that we have instead of stairs.  We put that in when Terinda was crawling.  The white stick with blue footrest is called the AirPogo.  You can jump on it just like a pogo stick.  The black tube on top of the flat swing is called the 'boat swing.'
The garage can get REALLY cold, so this is one of our three heat lamps to keep everyone warm.

This is the ball tent.  We just got this tent last Sunday and it's a big hit!  We had a family over with their three little ones and all six toddlers, our three and their three, climbed right in and started throwing balls around. =)

Two trampolines, the 'frog swing' (a favorite with all three little girls...good lessons in sharing have come from that contraption ;), and red wrestling mats finish off the therapy room.
 Terinda's theraprist, Marylee Chamberlain, comes over every Wednesday for about an hour and works with Terinda.  Terinda is excelling in everything, and we are all amazed by the work that God is doing through her.
Mrs. Chamberlain just brought over some great headphones and an MP3 player that the school lets families borrow with a set of therapy music on it.  Terinda's really enjoying listening to that, and she had a great time doing puzzles and listening to her music on Friday afternoon.
Concentrating hard....

Thank you all so much for your continued support-our family is so blessed by your prayers and love!
It's great to be back blogging again...sorry for having taken such a long (but much-needed) break.