Friday, August 3, 2012

Better than YOLO

You've probably heard the term YOLO. (You Only Live Once, for those of you who fit into the "sheltered" category. ;)

This post is not on YOLO...for some of that, go see what Shrimpy has to say: Excuses for Stupid She has an awesome & insightful post on it that you should read.

I don't necessarily agree with YOLO. It's a fine idea, I suppose, as long as one doesn't take it to stupid, extreme levels. Which is what most people feel YOLO somehow justifies.

Wouldn't it be better if YOLO was replaced with something like this:

"I think that at some point, you have to just do something very crazy and very right, just to dare yourself to live. Not something stupid and destructive...just something very good and fun and beautiful."
~The Shadow of the Bear

To dare yourself to live....have you ever felt like that? Like what you were doing was the best thing you could be doing, even if it was a little scary or a little controversial? I don't know if I have. So I guess I probably haven't, seeing as if I had, I'd remember it. Maybe that should be on my summer bucket list: to dare myself to live. That could be a list in and of itself- and wouldn't it be amazing if I could actually, by September 1, have it checked off?

Maybe it's too lofty a goal for two months. But something tells me that by the end of summer, I'll get this quote even more than I do now. That I'll know even more what "to surrender a precious dream" would really mean.

Will you join with me? Join in daring ourselves to live? I think it's an adventure that just might take a lifetime.

(This was supposed to be posted last month. That didn't work out very well. Still holds true with the month of summer that I have left  though! Prayers would be appreciated- I'm in Reno, NV just now at the 31st Annual Chesterton Conference. It's absolutely fantastic. I'll post about it when I get home. Till then, adieu...:)


  1. Your post is excellent. I'm traveling through my personal village of "Memoryville" (work with my poetic license, here, ok?...LOL) and I remember times when it took much discernment, then self-daring, to engage a challenging (seemingly impossible-to-overcome) situation. Walking the journey of those situations inevitably led to my own comprehensive growth. You're so right, Cady. And, if I might add, you are living proof of what "engagement in life" really means. Living is not sitting on the sidelines watching the game, wondering if you were born to play. It's donning the uniform and, with confidence in God and in your role as God's beloved child, taking your place on the field AND PLAYING!!!

    So very glad your experience at the Chesterton Conference is so very good! Can't wait to read all about it!

    Love to you and your family! ~Cyndie

    1. Cyndie:
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, I'm trying to play...failing at times but part of the game is learning to get back up, right? Glad you enjoyed the post. :)