Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Hey all,
Benjamin's b-day was yesterday. He had a friend over for a little party on the weekend, and on Tuesday (his real birthday) opened family presents and overall hung out.  I thought I'd attach some fun pics. By the way, Benjamin has the striking ability to pose in the most hilarious way...and not look like a complete idiot.  Unlike his older sister. ;)  Hope you all enjoy.
In XC,

                                                          Opening one of his presents.
                                       He got a wax sealer....VERY cool gift.  (from my mother)
                    Posing with his key lime cheescake.  It was actually quite good! (sour, but good nontheless:)
Ah, the smoulder.  Those of you who have seen Tangled will understand, those of you who haven't...need to. A review will be coming shortly.

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